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Conceptual POD Scheme "HOANI BEACH LODGE"

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Hoani Beach Resort, is an exclusive beach resort on the Island of Moheli. Based around Maximum of 30 Pods.

There are many variations of the POD schemes available.


Initial Investment €1,600,000 EURO for 50% Shares in New SPV to be created between Limewood Group of 

Companies and the Investor.


Deposit Payable upon Signature of Contract For Working Capital £100,000.00


Working Drawings of the Resort

Sourcing Materials & Schedule of works

Travel to Moheli for the explorations of the resort Zone

Drafting of the Lease/Ownership of Land

Legal & Accountancy Costs


Balance €1,500,000 EUROS to be released on a working drawdown schedule as agreed by both parties.


The Balance of €1,500,000 EURO will be used for the following;


Setup of SPV in a suitable Domicial

Land Lease 99+99 Year Lease or Freehold

Land Clear and Fit Out

Local and Foreign Employement for the construction

Reception Area

Restaurant and Bar Area

Entertainment Area

Minimum 24 - Maximumof 30 Pods of Different Designs

Swimming Pools & Showers

Sewarage / Septic Tanks

Solar Facility 

Kitchen, Office, Medical and Laundry Facility



Built & Operated 12 Months

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