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The creation of a new company requires a thorough and serious study beforehand, before starting the activity insofar as, the desired objective is to stay as long as possible in the sector of activity, even if the market in question seems less risky and theoretically profitable, and that is the reason why before creating CAMAR MARINE SA, we thought necessary to begin with drafting this business plan.

The purpose of this project is to study the feasibility of operating a high speed maritime passenger service in the Comoros Islands, a potential service operating area including Grande Comore, Anjouan, Moheli, and Mayotte and the feasibility of this project will be established by:

The assessment of the potential market for the maritime high-speed passenger service,

Determining the costs and benefits of implementing the service,

A review of the viability of project implementation.


Thus, throughout this business plan, we will go through all the essential components of this project with rigor and transparency but in all objectivity in order to demonstrate its attractiveness.

We are going to start to see how the Company in charge of the project is organized, then we will explain what products and services will be offered, then we will do a market study to know to whom we will offer these services, we will try then to determine a strategy that will take in consideration our competitors, but also the project schedule, we will explain our operations, namely how the product and service are developed, we will imperatively determine the financial plan, to know what are the financial needs but also what is the return on investment, and finally we will present essential technical components of this ambitious project.

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The activities currently developed by CAMAR MARINE SA and for which a request has been made, aims at strengthening maritime transport services and facilities allowing to providing better coastal navigation, satisfy the Comorian customer and bring comfort to passengers. As such, the project will offer a wide range of economic impacts to the Comorian community:

It will generate a significant amount of money through the collection of income tax and other charges levied that would provide a revenue base for the Government, which will promote poverty alleviation and support social sectors such as education, health and other welfare activities.

Through its well-designed training component, the project will train local people before and during operations. Thiswould help Comorian to work in the shipping industry.

The project will provide links with other sectors of the economy of the country by facilitating the movement of people and goods.

It will create a number of skilled and unskilled jobs in the shipping industry throughout the period of implementation of the project. This will help the Government in its efforts to reduce poverty through employment.

It will provide support to the policy of promotion and implementation of the investment. It will also help to improve the overall performance of the national economy as well as the promotion and increase of the involvement of the private sector in the economy.

The study aims to assess the feasibility of implementing fast boat service in Comoros. Based on the analysis conducted as part of this study, it was established that the project is financially and economically viable.

The main strengths in terms of sustainability of this project are:

There is an increasing demand of coastal navigation in the Comoros Islands. It is expected that passenger traffic after 2019 will have a strong growth per year, while cargo traffic will have a nearly stable growth for the year. Volume growth of coastal traffic was attributed to the improvement of maritime travel services combined with a strong economic growth, improved tourism industry and more disposable income for the local population;

Coastal navigation services are an integral part of social and economic development of the Comoros and currently there is a shortage of safe, affordable and reliable operator to meet the needs in the ever-growing shipping services.

The project is expected to generate a substantial beneficial amount of approximately US $ 1,249,385 in the sixth year of operation.


It is therefore important that a bank considers to positively supporting the implementation of the project.

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